Parker Majestic Surface Grinding MachineWasino CNC Machine

Surface Grinding

Steel, Carbide, Ceramics, & other materials. Our Die Components include ground punches and die cavities to provide close tolerance clearance with excellent ground surface finishes.

  • 9 Parker Majestic Surface Grinders with DRO's
  • 2 Mitsui Surface Grinders with Opti-Dress
  • Wasino Meister CNC Precision Form Grinder
  • 3 Axis Automatic Surface Grinder  - 10" x 24" capacity
Mitutoyo Optical Comparator

Quality Control

Our Quality Control Department is equipped with all the following to ensure the highest standards of quality with every job we perform for our customers

  • 6 Optical Comparators, to 100 x with DROs
  • Mitutoyo Height Micrometer to 24" to +/- .00001
  • 12 Sets Carbide Gage Blocks with Certificates
  • Indicators to .00001 Resolution
Wire EDM Components

Mitsubishi EDM Drilling machineEDM 200 Drilling Machine

Wire EDM &  EDM Drilling

Wire EDM is a cost effective method for cutting simple or complex shapes.  The Tool and Die Industry has benefited from the use of Wire EDM for years. We work with a variety of conductive materials including titanium, carbide, copper, aluminum, and all types of steel.

  • High Speed automated Wire EDM machines
  • Small wire diameters
  • Small hole EDM - Diameters from .012 to .125
  • Low and high volume machining
  • Prototype production
  • Machining holes in difficult locations
  • +/- .0001 Contour Tolerance


Stamping Die Stamping Die

We have the ability to produce progressive stamping dies serving all industries.